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Записи с темой: oh my rowling! (список заголовков)


why the wonder

@темы: Oh my Rowling!


why the wonder

Эмма Уотсон

why the wonder
Со времен появления фото лежит у меня эта псевдосказочная обойка и никак не доделывается. Удалить жалко, доделывать уже не доделаю. Да будет она тут и так.

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why the wonder


why the wonder
Мerlin х4 (спойлеры!), Psych х1, Harry Potter x1


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why the wonder

“I don’t think this story ends tonight… because every person will carry this story through their lives.” — D. Radcliffe

"No story lives unless someone wants to listen. The stories we love best do live in us forever. So whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." — J.K. Rowling

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why the wonder
16.07.2011 в 14:20
Пишет Per4inka:

так и будет
16.07.2011 в 02:03
Пишет Salviati:

15.07.2011 в 23:16
Пишет Veldrig:

Вот сегодня меня накрыло как то..
15.07.2011 в 20:50
Пишет Кот Живоглот:

Так и будет.

URL записи

URL записи

URL записи

URL записи

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I wanna be a Starship Ranger

why the wonder
And I'll admit
It's all in my head
But who says it can't be real
They may be far away, but I can safely say
It doesn't change the way I feel.
~ Bug

Остальное - на канале StarKid на YouTube

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why the wonder
[1-24] House
[25-28] A Very Potter Sequel (quotes)
[29-32] Glee

Take this you bastard! Alohomora!!

@музыка: OneRepublic "Good life"

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One day I'll fly away...

why the wonder

why the wonder
[1-14] House
[15-22] Dead like me
[23-25] Darren Criss

Our little girl is finally growing up!

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why the wonder
Даррен и Джои поют Granger Danger. У Даррена снова появились кудряшки :-D А у Джои такие реснички!!)))

... this could mean DANGER

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Новогодние аватарки

why the wonder

[1-15] Psych
[16-30] Glee
[31-34] House
[35-38] Harry Potter
[39-41] Sherlock

Ho ho ho

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why the wonder
[1-12] House
[13-17] A Very Potter Musical/Sequel
[18-21] Sherlock

I'm not a night troll, I'm just a little girl!

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why the wonder
Я тоже хочу)))

АПД: тут проходили крайне добрые люди :lol: Но на 2-х факультетах сразу я учиться не смогу - я ж не Гермиона :lol:
запись создана: 28.11.2010 в 23:01

Вопрос: На какой факультет вы определите меня?
1. Гриффиндор  5  (33.33%)
2. Рейвенкло/Когтевран  4  (26.67%)
3. Хаффлпафф/Пуффендуй  3  (20%)
4. Слизерин  3  (20%)
Всего: 15

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why the wonder

Дети так быстро растут :female:

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why the wonder
Now – um – one thing that could be exclusive… We aren’t sure if – uh, whether or not it’s going to happen, but um – we would like there to be a third Harry Potter show; A third Harry Potter Musical. It’s not confirmation or anything. We’ll have to see if the schedule works out. Also, we’re going to LeakyCon this summer! But yeah, I guess that’s definitely exclusive information, that we have plans for a third Potter show – only if the schedule allows. It mainly depends on if Darren could do it – but I think everyone else would like to do it and we’ve got the story. We’d want to get it out before the last movie, though – before the second part of Deathly Hallows. ©

Да будет A Very Potter Threequel!

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HP Challenge

why the wonder
Завтра я иду смотреть новый фильм (YAY!) , а сегодня начну страдать тумблеровской фигней :-D

Day 1 - Your favorite book
Day 2 - Your favorite movie
Day 3 - Is there any of the film adaptations that have made you angry because they’ve ignored important parts of the book?
Day 4 - Least favorite female character and why
Day 5 - Favorite male character and why
Day 6 - What house would you want to be in
Day 7 - Favorite female character and why
Day 8 - What do you think would be your favorite lesson?
Day 9 - Least favorite male character
Day 10 - Horcruxes or Hallows
Day 11 - What character would you say you are most like?
Day 12 - Favorite ship
Day 13 - Least favorite movie
Day 14 - Team Voldemort or Team Harry
Day 15 - Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts (Three Only)
Day 16 - Who is your favorite Death Eater?
Day 17 - Are you excited about the Deathly Hallows movies or scared they won’t do the book justice?
Day 18 - Least favorite book
Day 19 - Do you prefer the books or the movies
Day 20 - If you got to meet one member of the cast, who would it be?
Day 21 - Out of all the characters that died, if you could bring one back, who would it be?
Day 22 - Harry Potter or Twilight
Day 23 - Any part of the books or movies that makes you cry?
Day 24 - Any particular scene you wished would have been put in the movie, but wasn’t?
Day 25 - Nineteen years later. Are you happy how it turned out, or do you wish something was different, ie Neville married Luna
Day 26 - If you would be able to work one spell without a wand what would it be?
Day 27 - Would you rather own the Invisibility Cloak, The Resurrection Stone or The Elder Wand?
Day 28 - Do you listen to Wizard Wrock, what do you think about it?
Day 29 - Did you enjoy A Very Potter Musical?
Day 30 - What affect has Harry Potter made on your life and how much does it mean to you?

@темы: Oh my Rowling!


why the wonder
Harry freakin' Potter Даррен Крисс будет отжигать завтра в Glee, а сегодня пусть будут

Duck Tales! Woo Hoo!

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Team Starkid представляет...

why the wonder
... новый проект Starship! (Having second thoughts about Pigfarts, aren't you? :eyebrow: )
Официальный трейлер
Фанатский трейлер (очень классный!)

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